Let’s start by talking about the two primary processes used to create fulvic acid supplements. On the one hand, we have water-extracted fulvic acid. On the other hand, we have chemical-extracted fulvic acid. This process uses a chemical known as potassium hydroxide. This is a highly toxic & extremely dangerous chemical.

Fulvic Life utilizes the water-extraction process. Do the research, and you are going to find that when it comes to getting the best fulvic acid or humic acid possible, water-extraction is the best method by far. When we talk about chemical-extracted fulvic acid, we are talking about something with meagre benefits for the consumer, and greater benefits for the companies selling supplements and other products that use a chemical extraction process.

Also known as lignite or leonhardite, brown coal is used as the plant-based material at the heart of chemically-extracted fulvic acid. Brown coal has several problems associated with its use in this regard. In the first place, you are talking about something that is not only of extremely poor quality, but also something that can wreak havoc upon our natural environment. Do an internet search, and you will find numerous stories and studies on the massive pits that have formed, as a result of work involving the mining of brown coal. The material is then brought together with the highly chemical, extremely dangerous lye. A sludge is then created, which is then mixed with water. While those vital trace minerals slip to the bottom, the fulvic layer that makes up the topmost portion of the sludge is separated and sold to supplemental companies and similar interests. Along the way, the lye used has broken apart the molecules of the humic acid. At best, with chemical extraction, we are talking about something that is barely useful at best, and dangerous for the consumer at worst.

Water-extracted fulvic acid, which is the only type sold by Fulvic Life, is an entirely different entity. No chemicals are used in the buffering process, or in the process of the extraction. Potentially hazardous materials are avoided at all costs. Not even heat is used in this process. Furthermore, the water used is free of both chlorine and fluoride.

Everything about the process of water extraction is designed to maintain the integrity of the Fulvic Life trace minerals and everything else that makes up the fulvic acid.


FULVIC LIFE IONIC MINERALS are organically extracted without chemicals, using a proprietary 3-year process, which is why it tastes like water once diluted out to a drinkable state- AND IS 100% FROM NATURE!

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FULVIC LIFE IONIC MINERALS contains the purest source of fulvic ionic minerals in the world, extracted from a fresh or saltwater source of humates from a rainforest that is NOT laden in heavy metals like many of the fulvic acid products available today!

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