Fulvic Life offers the highest quality fulvic ionic mineral supplements that nature can offer. Our fulvic acid is 100% bio-active and 100% bio-available. We are proud to offer a product and service unlike any other.


Our fulvic ionic minerals come from a rich humic deposit in a lush ancient rainforest. This is the purest source of fulvic acid in the world! You can't find a more concentrated and effective extract anywhere.

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Our extraction method is also completely organic and doesn't use any chemicals or coal at all. We use a water-based extraction process that takes around three years to complete. This results in a pure untainted product.

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clean &

non toxic

Our fulvic trace minerals are free from heavy metals, making for a clean and healthy mineral supplement.

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affordable &


Fulvic Life is an affordable and convenient liquid ionic mineral, offering a 1 month, 3 month and 5 month supply

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