40 million years ago, the earth was abundant with optimal soil, air, and water. Humic soil, teaming with billions of beneficial microbes, was an ideal place in which to find something like fulvic acid. The vegetation of that time and place was an ideal place. Everything was thriving. Everything was created through a balance. It was pushed underground by a glacier more than forty million years ago. Lush, ancient rainforests continue to be the best way in which to gain the best version of fulvic acid possible. Currently, very few places in the world offer the level of quality that we are talking about. Our Fulvic Life® Ionic Minerals features the lowest possible molecular weight. This means that the ionic minerals can penetrate your cells more effectively. At the same time, it is also important to avoid any brown coal sources, since it is impossible to get fulvic acid from brown coal without using chemicals.

Simply put, plants are unable to absorb undissolved minerals directly from the soil. These molecules are just too large for the plants to absorb. This is where you are going to want to pay close attention to the microbes that work at the roots of plants and trees, in order to create Fulvic Life® Ionic Minerals. These minerals work with the plants to uptake this mineral-rich substance. This creates plants that are not only healthy, but can produce the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that you need. Anything not used by the plants winds up being washed down to the drinking water.

Then things changed. Humanity realized that through things like chemicals and pesticides, one could yield a powerful degree of control over not only the quantity of the crops, but control over the size of the crops, as well. Obviously, being able to control those things can come with certain benefits, particularly as far as the companies perpetrating these tactics are concerned. However, you could say that too much is lost in the bargain. The microbes essential to the creation of Fulvic Life® Ionic Minerals were being destroyed. Raising healthy plants suddenly took a backseat to raising the biggest, most financially-beneficial plants possible. Some would argue that we have never really looked back from that moment.

In the end, everything in the world is intertwined. When you damage the soil, you damage the crops that come out of that soil. In other words, even with a balanced, healthy diet, the food you are eating is still dead, by the time it gets to you. Supplements, nutrients, and products like Fulvic Life® Ionic Minerals are the only way to get the vitamins and minerals you need.