There are a few factors to consider when buying fulvic ionic mineral supplements. This will help you to avoid low quality products and find the purest fulvic acid at the best prices.

is it organic?

Some vitamin supplements are created artificially in a lab, making them ineffective and biologically 'dead'. The best fulvic ionic minerals are completely natural and organic.

how are they


Chemical extraction processes can leave nasty chemicals or carbons in the supplement. It is important that fulvic acid supplements are extracted in a way that maintains their purity.

is there a

heavy metal content

Some fulvic supplement products have been shown to contain high levels of heavy metals such as lead, aluminium, mercury and arsenic. This should be a major concern if you plan to take a supplement for long-term use, and you should try to look for brands that take care to minimize these metals.

what is the

quality & strength

The quality of fulvic ionic mineral products varies greatly. Try to ensure any product you buy is from a pure and well concentrated source and has not been mixed or watered down.

what packaging

is used?

Make sure your product is packaged in glass and does not come into contact with plastic and no toxins are leaking into your product.

what is the


Finally, you should consider your budget and the price that you are willing to spend. It is not worth cutting costs on fulvic acid if it means the product will be of a lower quality or concentration. At the same time, you should avoid overpriced offers. Carefully study the factors above to make sure your fulvic ionic minerals tick all the boxes, then check that the price is right!


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