Fulvic Acid is one of the fundamental components of life. This biodegraded organic matter is an essential ingredient for healthy soil, and with-it food grows to be nutrition-rich. It also plays a vital role in the health and functioning of our own body.

Fulvic acid greatly increases the number of vitamins and minerals that are absorbed into the cells, making them more readily available for use. The substance also contains up to 70 chelated vitamins – vitamins which are already bonded and ready for uptake. This gives fulvic acid a reputation as the ultimate nutrition booster. Fulvic acids are made from matter as it biodegrades into basic elements. The complex mixture of carboxyl and phenolate acids is one of the main components of soil and is often used as a supplement for farming.


Fulvic acid is also an incredibly useful substance for our bodies, working to help our cells' functioning. When in the system, fulvic acid works to bind, break-down, and transport nutrients and minerals to cells, whilst also flushing harmful toxins and metals. Fulvic acid works to balance and energize cells in all organic life, including the soil and including your own body!