Nearly every illness or health problem can be linked to some sort of nutrient deficiency. Fulvic Life ionic minerals encourage the uptake of nutrients in the cells, making them essential for good health.

Fulvic acid is available in supplement form, so you can still benefit from the numerous health benefits that the organic substance offers and help to restore the balance and optimal functioning of your body.

Improved energy levels is one of the major benefits of fulvic acid. Because fulvic acid contains a vast array of crucial trace minerals, the effect on your body is going to be something along the lines of a cleanse. Fulvic acid will help to cleanse your body of heavy metals, while also cleansing many different types of chemicals. These are things that impact your overall mood, your energy levels, and various aspects of your gut health.

As your immune system continues to improve and recover, keep in mind that this whole process of improvement and cleansing can take some time. It ultimately comes down to how much damage has been done to an individual’s body. Still, it shouldn’t take very long to feel as though things are improving for the better. Combine Fulvic Life with a balanced healthy diet and exercise, and you have a powerful duo for achieving optimal health and wellness.

  • increase your energy levels

  • improve your circulation

  • improve your memory & brain function

  • increase your endurance

  • produces enzymes

  • enable hormone stimulation

  • assimilate your vitamins, minerals & other nutrients

  • balances your cell life

  • increase & balance your vital electrolytes

  • cleanse your body from toxins

  • remove heavy metals from your body

  • enable your body to absorb vitamins and minerals more efficiently

  • complex your nutrients into smaller particles

  • protect yourself against unnatural oxidation

  • maintain your optimum alkalinity and PH levels

  • assimilate your macro & micro elements

immune booster

Fulvic Life contains a number of useful vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, silica, probiotics and more. These are known to encourage a strong and healthy bioactive digestive system, and proper immune system functioning.

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As well as providing lots of raw nutrients, fulvic acid also helps with the uptake of nutrients into cells. With more nutrients reaching their destination, the body can enjoy a higher level of nutrition. Fulvic Acid is also known to help to restore PH balance in the soil and can do the same in your body.

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As well as binding to nutrients to help cell uptake, fulvic acid also binds to harmful heavy metals and even radiation and helps to flush them out of the body quickly. Fulvic acid acts as a strong antioxidant. Antioxidants are known to cleanse the body and counter the aging effects of free radicals.

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A 2011 study in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease has found data to suggest that fulvic acid could play a major role in cognitive functioning.

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 The high content of electrolytes in fulvic acid enhances and balances electrical potential in cells. Electrolytes help to expand cell lifespan, and can even revive dead cells back into action!

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